How to Add your CSC Centre details to

to Add your CSC centre details to CSCLocator is very simple, follow three steps below to find your area (Block) and scroll down to find list of CSC centres in your area. If your entry is not there, your can fill Form below and submit your details.

After submitting your details, you will see recently added entries in green color. Green color indicates latest CSC added to website and are being validated by our moderator. If we finds anything wrong, entries will be deleted from website.

To add your CSC, follow steps below.

  • STEP 1:- Go to
  • STEP 2:- Select Your State
  • STEP 3:- Select your District
  • STEP 4:- Select your Block/City
  • STEP 5:- Fill the form below CSC centre list.

After submission of your data, your will see recently added entry in green color.


Still facing issue? Mail us at csc.connecting @ gmail. com