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Jan Seva Kendra in Uttar Pradesh are the single window points for delivery of public services, social welfare schemes, health-care schemes, financial schemes, education and agriculture services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. This is the all India network serving to our diverse of the country. Great initiative by government to allow and offer access to the various government schemes and services every citizens of India.

List of Jan Seva Kendra in Derapur, district Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh

VLE Name Address phone No
SHIVAM KUMAR Village: Si Thanamara View
Brijendra bahadur singh Village: Khanpur Chain View
Ashish Kumar Singh Village: Bahiri Umri View
VARUN KUMAR Village: Derapur View
Rakesh Singh Nonari Bujurg View
Akash Sharma Jenda Mau View
shyam narayan dixit Village: Chilauli View
Suneel Kumar Indurukh View
Kamlesh Kumar Singh Village: Ambiyapur View
PRAGYAN SHUKLA Village: Jignish View
Arvind Kumar Shukla Village: Nonari Bujurg View
Jyoti Shukla Village: Sargaon Bujurg View
Nagina Singh Yadav Udnapur View
surjeet singh Village: Galuapur View
Har govind Panday Village: Kamalpur View
Yashavant Laruwapur derapur kanpur dehat View
ANKIT KUMAR Village marahna post NONARI bujug derapur Kanpur dehat View
Sengur Janseva Kendra Paraukh derapur Kanpur Dehat 209310 View
Maa Vaishno Computers Mungisapur kanpur dehat View
Kanak jansewa kendra Village -khalla View
Success computer Biriya derapur derapur Kanpur dehat View
Gautam common service centers Rataniyapur Derapur kanpur dehat View
shree internet cafe (omji) MUNGISAPUR , nandpur, kanpur dehat View
Prince Gupta Rataniyapur post nonari bujurg derapur kanpur Dehat View
Shifa computers Mungisapur derapur kanpur dehat View
Lale jan sewa kendra khirwan ursan kanpur dehat View
Lale jan sewa kendra khirwan ursan kanpur dehat View
Shivam Jan seva Kendra Kudhawal Derapur kanpur dehat, Kudhawal Derapur kanpur dehat View
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