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Jan Seva Kendra in Uttar Pradesh are the single window points for delivery of public services, social welfare schemes, health-care schemes, financial schemes, education and agriculture services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. This is the all India network serving to our diverse of the country. Great initiative by government to allow and offer access to the various government schemes and services every citizens of India.

List of Jan Seva Kendra in Mahwa, district Jallon, Uttar Pradesh

VLE Name Address phone No
shailendra singh Village: Niyamatpur View
CHAND BANO Village: Aalampur View
ARVIND SINGH Village: Musmirya View
Raghvendra Singh Simhara Kasimpur, Maheva View
Satyendra pratap singh Village: Babai View
MAHENDRA SINGH Gram Panchayat: Nibhana View
ASHISH KUMAR VISHWAKARMA Gram Panchayat: Maraiya View
Ran Kendra Singh Village: Mahewa View
CHANCHAL ROY MEENA Post Office: Mandawar View
Manoj Devi Village: Gagwana View
MURARI LAL MAHAWAR Village: Balaheri View
Shimla Devi Dixit Village: Hadiya View
AMIT AVASTHI Village: Ganturi, Post Office: Samleti View
Kusum Kumari Saini Village: Mandawar View
RAJESH KUMAR SHARMA Village: Tal Chiri View
VIJAY PAL Village: Tudiyana View
YOGESH KUMAR GARG Village: Mahwa View
SANTOSH GUPTA Village: Mahwa View
Mangli Devi Village: Patoli View
Mukesh Singh Village: Gazipu View
Birhm Singh Village: Paota View
Manju Devi Saini Village: Raseedpur View
Santra Saini Village: Garh Himat Singh View
JITENDRA KUMAR JOSHI Village: Wara Bujurg View
MANISH KUMAR SHARMA Village: Santha View
VIKASH KUMAR SHARMA Village: Kherla Bujurg View
SUMAN DEVI Village: Ramgarh View
LALIT KUMAR GARG Village: Pakhar View
Roshan Kumari Sain Village: Tekra View
shreekrshana vill jitamau mustakil,post lohai distt jalaun View
SAHAJ JAN SEWA KENDRA badi madaiya jakha jalaun View
Csc jan seva kendra Urkara Kalan post Nibhana View
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