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Aaple Sarkar in Maharashtra are the single window points for delivery of public services, social welfare schemes, health-care schemes, financial schemes, education and agriculture services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. This is the all India network serving to our diverse of the country. Great initiative by government to allow and offer access to the various government schemes and services every citizens of India.

List of Aaple Sarkar in Motala, district Buldhana, Maharashtra

VLE Name Address phone No
Samadhan Giri At Post Office: Borakhedi View
Vilas Patange At Post Office: Ubalkhed View
Kailas Vishnu Chaudhari At Post Office: Talni, Pin Code: 443102 View
Shaikh Ansar Shaikh Jabbar At Post Office: Kothali, Pin Code: 443102 View
RAHUL SURESH TANDULKAR At Post Office: Sawargaon Jahangir, Pin Code: 443102 View
RITESH ABHAYKUMAR JAIN At Post Office: Shelapur Bu, Pin Code: 443101 View
Punjaji Ashok Solanke Village: Kharwadi, Pin Code: 443103 View
Hari Akat At Post Office: Waghjal View
Bhagwat Magar At Post Office: Fardapur View
Shrikant jadhao At Post Office: Wadgaon Jamalpur View
KINHOLA B At Post Office: 109, Kinhola, Pin Code: 443104 View
Mahadeo Gajanan Rahane Village: Csc Corner Panhera(Khedi), Pin Code: 443104 View
Sidharth Balkrushna Sardar At Post Office: Pimpri Gawali, Pin Code: 443102 View
Shivanand Samadhan Helge At Post Office: Korhala, Pin Code: 443104 View
Shivanand Jadhav At Post Office: Hanwatkhed View
ARUN DURYODHAN WAGH At Post Office: Pimpalgaon Devi, Pin Code: 443102 View
SHRIKRUSHNA JAGDEV SURADKAR At Post Office: Chinchkhed Kh View
Ritesh Sunil Kharche At Post Office: Shelgaon Bazar, Pin Code: 443102 View
Vishal Subhash Dhande Village: 201, Post Office: Phali, Pin Code: 443102 View
MAHENDRAKUMAR SHRAVAN GAVAI At Post Office: Avha Yunuspur, Pin Code: 443101 View
Tejrao Dinkar Wagh At Post Office: Pimpalgaon Devi, Pin Code: 443102 View
Jaydeep Sakhalikar At Post Office: Kolhi Gawali View
Vijay Dashrath Uchade At Post Office: Khamkhed, Pin Code: 443104 View
Nilesh Prabhulal Jaiswal At Post Office: Rohinkhed, Pin Code: 443101 View
Mukesh Subhash Mahajan At Post Office: Liha Bk, Pin Code: 443102 View
SACHIN PRABHAKAR MAHAJAN At Post Office: Antri, Pin Code: 443102 View
Sagar Ashok Hage At Post Office: Dhamangaon Badhe, Pin Code: 443104 View
Sachin Baliram Makh At Post Office: Khari, Sarola Maroti, Pin Code: 443102 View
RAJENDRA JANKIRAM CHAVAN At Post Office: Gotmara, Pin Code: 443104 View
PRAKASH PANDIT JADHAV At Post Office: Panhera, Pin Code: 443104 View
Rahul Punjaji Bawaskar At Post Office: Korhala, Ta Motala Pin Code: 443104 View
khandawa khandawa ta motala dist buldana View
Sarthakmultiservises,dailyneeds&csc At Post Dhamangaon Badhe Ta Motala Dist Buldhana View
Ishwar CSC Center Dhamangaon Badhe View
Ali online multiservices Shree complex, Shop No. 14. Infront of Sbi Bank At Post Motala View
Alfa Online Multiservices Borakhedi sanglad View
Samartha prasad multi services and General store punhai Punhai View
KGN CSC government centre Dhamangaon Bade View
JAY SEVALAL At khadki Post rajur tq motala dist buldana View
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