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Nagrik Suvidha Kendra in Madhya Pradesh are the single window points for delivery of public services, social welfare schemes, health-care schemes, financial schemes, education and agriculture services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. This is the all India network serving to our diverse of the country. Great initiative by government to allow and offer access to the various government schemes and services every citizens of India.

List of Nagrik Suvidha Kendra in Paraswada, district Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh

VLE Name Address phone No
Vikas Kumar Jaiswal 59, Sarekha, Baihar View
Gajendra Patle 113, Dhanwar View
Akash Nand 142, Gudma, Baihar View
Rashmi Rangdhale House No: 57, Khairlanji Thai View
Sanjay Gharde House No: 139/5, Chandana View
Budh Singh Gram Panchayat: Chhaparwahi View
Surendra Kumar Dohre Gram Panchayat: Bagholi View
Arvind Bisen House No: 117, Sahejana View
Abdul Mobin Khan 176, Paraswada-2 View
Surekha Kunjam 46, Mohgaon(Pateli), Kesa View
Salim Qureshi 101, Paraswada-2 View
Girish Armo Gram Panchayat: Chandna View
Ramesh Kumar Gajbhiye Gram Panchayat: Korja View
Girdharilal Rana Paraswada View
Praveen Kumar Gram Panchayat: Khurmundi (Sahajana) View
Shrish Kumar Awadhiya 221, Paraswada-2 View
Gayatri Prasad Hirwane Gram Panchayat: Kumadehi (Harrabhat) View
Danish Kureshi Gram Panchayat: Samnapur View
Utkal Nanda 89, Ukva View
Chhabi Patel House No: 305, Linga View
Suneeta Pipre Gram Panchayat: Paraswara View
Priti Bangde Gram Panchayat: Mohanpur View
Devki Sonekar 64/5, Sahejana View
Nagrik suvidha kendra linga Village linga paraswada district balaghat View
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