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Lok Mitra Kendra in Himachal Pradesh are the single window points for delivery of public services, social welfare schemes, health-care schemes, financial schemes, education and agriculture services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. This is the all India network serving to our diverse of the country. Great initiative by government to allow and offer access to the various government schemes and services every citizens of India.

List of Lok Mitra Kendra in Mehla, district Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

VLE Name Address phone No
Anil Kumar S/O Sh Akshey Kumar, Village: Luharka, Post Office: Samra View
PARDEEP KUMAR S/O Sh. Karam Singh, Village: Tur, Post Office: Brehi View
Vikas trehan S/O Kushal Kumar, Village: Gali Panachayat Uteet View
Sanjay Thakur S/O Ghindro Ram, Village: Ghamani Panchayat Baily View
Pooja kumari W/O Parveen Kumar, Village: Doli, Post Office: Janghi View
Sohan Village: Nagali, Post Office: Bhadnya Kothi View
Vikram Singh S/O Sh. Tani Ram, Village: Baduna View
Rakesh Kumar S/O Devi Singh, Village: Gudra Panchayat Baat View
Kamal Kishore S/O Sh. Daulat Ram, Village: Gurad View
Kanta Devi W/O Susheel Kumar, Village: Chatrari View
Dinesh Kumar Village: Luddu, Post Office: Kathana View
Kewal Krishan S/O Late Sh. Madho Ram, Village: Kulti, Post Office: Rath View
Sanjay Singh S/O Sh Kehar Singh View
Yog raj S/O Mohri Ram, Village: Ludera, Panchayat Bakani View
Rohit Sood S/O Sh. Dinesh Mohan Sood, Village: Lech View
Rakesh Kumar S/O Desh Raj, Village: Sarol, Post Office: Kiri View
Vishal Puri Mohalla Bharori View
Vijay Kumar S/O Sh. Machla Ram View
Pankaj KUmar Village: Bhariyan, Post Office: Kuphara View
chanderkant S/O Tek Chand View
Gopal Sharma S/O Sh. Ujjal Sharma, Village: Raddi View
Sonu Village: Bhouien, Post Office: Basodhan View
Pawan Kumar S/O Benshu Ram, Village: Mellon Panchayat Sarahan View
Budhiya Ram S/O Sh. Bheena Ram, Village: Dahoga, Post Office: Dhawala View
Rakesh Kumar S/O Sh. Subhia Ram, Village: Tlai, Post Office: Rathiyar View
Raj Kumar Village: Gagla View
Raj Kumar Village: Sunara, Post Office: Sunara Panchayat Surara View
Jeet Singh S/O Sh. Gussaun Ram View
Karam Chand Thakur Village: Godhana, Post Office: Jangha View
Deepak Kumar S/O Sh. Kishan Chand, Village: Hatheri, Post Office: Mangla View
Satpal S/O Sh. Roshan Lal View
Hitesh Lal Singh S/O Late Sh Chaman Singh, Village: Karian View
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