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Services provided by the common service centers

The common service center can provide all type of services which are required by users. They can provide many of services in one place so the user can apply all of them one by one. You need to read all instruction before apply any common services through CSC centers. They can also provide facility to the user so they check status about form. It can give complete details about their services if the user is eligible. The user also needs to find a here common service center list which is located in user area mainly in villages.

The online web portal of CSC is always open in twenty-four into seven days. Here user needs to read the list of FAQ question for their help. It can contain information in several of topics like re-register, CSC services, the status of an application, village level entrepreneur, documents, system requirement, register in CSC & VLE, training needed to become VLE. Here user also needs to give some feedback about online services if they have quires or some tips for improvement in the website.

List of services which are provided by common service centers

[*] Government to consumers:- here we can provide a list of services which are provided by a government to their citizens. You need to check all services needed at the time of the at CSC center. The CSC center can play a vital role in citizen’s life so they can easily apply all type of services in one place. You need to take a look here with its name.

  • Insurance Services
  • Passport
  • Premium Collection Services of LIC, SBI, ICICI Prudential, AVIVA DHFL and Other Insurance Companies
  • E-Nagrik & E- District Services (Birth/ Death Certificate)
  • Pension Services
  • NIOS Registration
  • Apollo Telemedicine
  • NIELIT Services
  • Aadhar Printing and Enrollment
  • PAN Card
  • Electoral Services
  • E-Courts and Results Services
  • State Electricity and Water Bill Collection Services
  • IHHL Project of MoUD (Swachh Bharat)
  • Digitize India
  • Cyber Gram
  • Services of Department of Post

[*] Business of consumer:- here consumer needs to check what type of services is given by business. They are related to E-learning, CSC bazaar, ticket related, e commerce business and more. For more details about services, you need to check here.

  • Online Cricket Course
  • IRCTC, Air and Bus Ticket Services
  • Mobile and DTH Recharge
  • English Speaking Course
  • E- Commerce Sales (Book, Electronics, Households Items etc.)
  • Agriculture Services
  • CSC Bazaar
  • E Learning          

[*] Business to business:- this type of services is also known as B2B. It can provide here many business related services which are needed by business holders.

  • Market research
  • Rural BPO (data collecting/ digitalization of data)
  • Educational services: - here we can provide all type of services which are needed for educational purposes. You need to check all services name and then use all.
  • Adult literacy: - this type of literacy can use languages for reading, writing, speaking, and listing. It can be offered by TARA AKSHAR+.
  • IGNOU services: - here we can provide services needed at CSC centers they are here.
    • Examination form
    • Result declaration
    • Student admission
    • Offering course from IGNOU

[*] Digital literacy:- in digital literacy, you need to check some services is avail. They are showing here number wise. The skills are needed for.

  • ASHA worker
  • Anganwadi worker
  • Authorized ration card holder
  • Investor awareness programs
  • NABARD financial literacy program

[*] NIELIT services:- it can contain services which are related to the examination. You need to check its type show here.

  • Online registration
  • Fees collection
  • Online examination form submission
  • Printing of examination

[*] NIOS services:- the CSC can also provide NIOS services centers. Their task is shown here. You need to check all one by one.

  • Open schooling in rural area
  • Registration of students
  • Payment of examination fees
  • Declaration of result

[*] Financial inclusion:- The banking, insurance, and pension related services are come under in financial services. It is given to citizens in the rural area and urban area also. The consumer needs to check its benefits and other uses.

  • Banking:- It can also contain in financial services which can contain all services given by baking. You need to check all services are avail. They are a deposit, general purpose credit card, overdraft, account statement, withdrawal; enquire of balance, retail loan, Kisan credit card and more. It has public and private sector partners avail.
  • Insurance:- It can also be come under in financial services. It can provide several services like life insurance, crop, and health insurance, personal insurance, motor insurance and more. This insurance is benefits for old man, women, employee, new vehicles and more.   
  • Pension:- It can contain here all type of pension needed by users in rural and semi-urban areas. They can provide the here facility of deposit contribution, tier one and tier 2. The information is given by CSC center time to time to the consumer. There are many types of pensions services is avail.  

[*] Other services:- It can contain here another type of services like Agriculture, recruitment and income tax filing. You need to check all information one by one. Agriculture: - this type of Agriculture services is used for farmers. The information is given by experts. They can provide here details about seeds, soil, whether information and many types.

  • Recruitment:- It can provide some type of Recruitment in a different section of the Indian navy, Indian army, Indian air force.
  • Income tax filling:- This type of tax is filled through common services center. You need to read its manual. This manual is avail in two languages for village level entrepreneur. These two languages are English & Hindi.